❤️ Friendly’s Breakfast Hours – What Time Does Friendly’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours: Do you know What time Friendly’s starts serving breakfast? What time does Friendly’s stop serving breakfast? What are Friendly’s breakfast menu prices? If not! then you’ve come to the best place! 

Friendly’s is a small little ice cream shop known for its flavorful meals and tasty homemade ice cream after scrumptious meals.

If you love tasty ice cream flavors that won’t blow your budget, you can be guaranteed to find something at Friendly.

Here you’ll find everything about Friendly’s Breakfast Hours, Friendly’s Breakfast Menu Prices, and Friendly’s holiday hours.

Friendly’s Breakfast Times

Here are brief details about Friendly’s Breakfast Menu Hours –

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM
Tuesday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM
Wednesday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM
Thursday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM
Friday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM
Sunday 07:00 AM 12:00 AM

Does Friendly’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Friendly’s restaurants do not serve breakfast all day.

But, it is the friendliest restaurant in the world that serves French toast and pancakes all day, every day, from Monday through Sunday, and also even during holidays.

What Time Does Friendly’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Most of the Friendly’s outlets start serving breakfast from 07:00 AM onwards and stop at exactly 11:00 AM.

Friendly’s breakfast hours on Sunday are extended until 12:00 PM.

Friendly’s Menu time may vary in an individual location.

What time does Friendly’s close?

All Friendly’s restaurants stop serving breakfast at 11:00 AM

Friendly’s breakfast hours don’t drastically change during the holidays. 

But, Friendly’s breakfast time may vary from one location to another depending on their availability.

So, be sure of calling them using their customer service number, mention below to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Friendly's Breakfast Hours

Is Friendly’s breakfast still 50 off?

50% off breakfast on weekdays! Friendly’s is an ice cream joint and it has good breakfasts.

During the weekday breakfast is 50% off!

Friendly’s Breakfast Menu Prices

Friendly’s Breakfast Menu

Chicken and Waffles $9.67
Bacon Egg and Cheese SuperMeat $8.88
Big-Two-Do® Breakfast $8.76
Philly Steak and Cheese Omelette $10.72
Steel Cut Oatmeal $5.73
Brioche French Toast $9.40
Meat Lover’s Omelette $10.66
Belgian Waffle $9.29
Buttermilk Pancakes $9.35
Garden Vegetable Omelette $10.51
Ham and Cheese Omelette $10.62
Philly Steak and Cheese Wrap $10.15
Egg & Cheese Supermelt $8.22
Blueberry Muffin Top Pancakes $10.44
Hash and Eggs Omelette $10.69
Breakfast Sliders $10.04
Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.99
Side of Breakfast Ham $3.55
Side of Golden Home Fries $2.51
Side of Sausage $3.42
English Muffin $2.37
Kids Belgian Waffle $4.88
Kids French Toast $4.88
Kids Two Pancakes $4.88
Kids Tie-Dyed Pancakes with M&Ms $4.88
Kids Two Eggs and Toast $4.88
Kids English Muffin and Egg Sandwich $4.88

About Friendly’s

Friendly’s is a company founded on ice cream but built around families known for serving tasty homemade ice cream after scrumptious meals.

Friendly’s was founded in 1935 opening the first store in Springfield, Massachusetts initially a small little ice cream shop, offering double-dip cones for 5 cents a cone.

Friendly’s is a nice place where hungry people can sit together, eat together and joke together.

What makes Friendly’s so unique is its tasty homemade ice cream after scrumptious meals like the signature beef burgers and super melt sandwiches, along with 20 other delicious items on the menu to choose from.

From its inceptions, Friendly’s is still one of the best places to make memories while enjoying your favorite ice cream flavors.

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours on Holidays

New Year’s Day Regular Hours
Martin Luther King Day Regular Hours
Presidents’ Day Regular Hours
Good Friday Regular Hours
Easter Regular Hours
Memorial Day Regular Hours
Independence Day Regular Hours
Labor Day Regular Hours
Columbus Day Regular Hours
Veterans Day Regular Hours
Day Before Thanksgiving Regular Hours
Thanksgiving Regular Hours
Black Friday Regular Hours
Christmas Eve Regular Hours
Christmas Day Regular Hours
New Year’s Eve Regular Hours

Friendly’s Near Me Location

Friendly’s Customer Service

  • Friendly’s Ice Cream, LLC
  • 1855 Boston Road
    Wilbraham, Massachusetts 01095
  • Phone Number: (484) 766-1082
  • Fax Number: (413) 543-5844
  • Website: www.friendlys.com
  • Email: Email Friendly’s


I hope via this article you get all the necessary information about Friendly’s Breakfast Menu Times, Friendly’s Breakfast Menu and Prices, hours on regular days, and other additional details.

However, Friendly’s doesn’t share any breakfast-related details on their official site. But you can easily visit them during their breakfast time to grab a variety of delicious breakfasts from their menu.

Hence stay tuned with us to get more stuff like this via our official site breakfasthours.info. Also, you are free to send your comment or suggestions too.

FAQs For Friendly’s Breakfast Hours

How many friendlys locations are there?

Friendly operates and runs 137 locations.

Where is Friendly’s headquarters?

Friendly’s is headquartered in Wilbraham, MA.

What are Friendly’s top flavors?

The best flavors of Ice cream are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough.

What is the best ice cream at Friendly’s?

The top Ice cream is Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough.

What kind of oil does Friendly’s use?

Canola oil product is used to make food at Friendly’s.

What are the ingredients in Friendly’s ice cream?

Milk, Cream, Corn Syrup, Skim Milk, Sugar, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey, Natural Flavor, Guar Gum, Mono and Diglycerides, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Annatto and Turmeric Extract (Color) are use to make ice cream at Friendly’s.

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