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Jack’s Breakfast Hours

Jack’s Menu has a rich variety of food items to offer including Hamburgers, Fried chicken, French fries, Soft drinks, Breakfast, etc.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of Jack’s Hours is that they remain the same in all locations.

Should there be a difference in times at your local restaurant, it will likely be due to unpredictable circumstances.

Moreover, Jack’s Breakfast Prices are affordable to every pocket. So, you can enjoy your morning food according to your desire.

Now, you might be wondering What time does Jack start serving breakfast? What time does Jack stop serving breakfast? What is the Jack’s Breakfast Menu?

So don’t worry here in this article, I will detail Jack’s Breakfast Hours and Jack’s Breakfast Menu Prices

Jack’s Breakfast Times

Jack’s serve breakfast seven days a week. The general timings for breakfast at Jack’s restaurants are as follows –

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 5 AM 11 AM
Tuesday 5 AM 11 AM
Wednesday 5 AM 11 AM
Thursday 5 AM 11 AM
Friday 5 AM 11 AM
Saturday 5 AM 11 AM
Sunday 6 AM 11 AM

Does Jack’s serve breakfast all day?

No, most Jack’s restaurants remain open 24 hours, but they do not serve the breakfast menu all day long.

What Time Does Jack’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Jack’s starts serving breakfast at 5:00 AM throughout the week except at 6 AM on Sunday.

Though these are not the universal hours for Jack’s.

Jack’s Breakfast Menu Hours can differ depending upon the location of the store.

Whether you need to go to work or school or are running early morning errands, Jack’s starts serving breakfast at an early enough time to grab something to eat!

What Time Does Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Actually, Jack’s is open for 24 hours! 

But, All Jack’s outlets stop serving breakfast at 11 AM on all the days of the week.

After 11 AM, they stop serving the breakfast menu.

Jack’s breakfast hours Sunday

Jack’s Breakfast Menu Time on Sundays is a bit different than the regular days.

So if you want to have Jack’s breakfast on Sundays, then you can have it between 6:00 AM to 11 AM.

After that, they switch the lunch menu.

Jack's Breakfast Hours

Jack’s Breakfast Menu Prices

Jack’s Breakfast Menu Prices Combos
Deluxe Breakfast $4.79
Sausage Biscuit $1.59 $3.69
Breakfast Special $3.69
Ham Biscuit $2.49 $4.39
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit $2.89 $4.39
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit $3.29 $4.49
Steak Biscuit $2.59 $4.39
Bologna Biscuit $1.59 $3.69
Chicken Biscuit $2.99 $4.95
Hash browns Regular $1.39 $1.69
Smoked Sausage Biscuit $1.99 $3.99
Single Gravy Biscuit $1.99
Pancakes $2.89
Double Gravy Biscuit $3.49

Jack’s Locations Near Me


About Jack’s Restaurant

Jack Caddell was the founder of the Jack’s.

It was founded in 1960 in Homewood, Alabama.

It is an American Fast food restaurant chain and offers amenities like sit-down dining, drive-thrus, and takeout service.

It is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S, and runs more than 200 locations throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Jack’s Customer Service

Jack’s Official Site – www.eatatjacks.com


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FAQs For Jack’s Breakfast Hours

How many calories are in a deluxe breakfast from Jack’s?

Jack’s deluxe breakfast has 1020 Calories, 180 mg Cholesterol, 2160 mg Sodium, 85 g Total Carbohydrate and 5 g Dietary Fiber.

What is on a Breakfast Jack?

The Jack Breakfast contains freshly fried egg, a slice of ham and American cheese on a bun.

How much is a sausage biscuit from Jacks?

Jack’s Menu prices – Sausage Biscuit – $1.49 – $3.59, Ham Biscuit – $2.49 – $4.19, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – $3.19 – $4.19 and Steak Biscuit – $2.49 – $4.19.

How many calories in a bacon egg and cheese wrap from Jack’s?

Jack’s bacon egg and cheese wrap includes 320 Calories, 19 g Fat, 22 g Carbs, 1 g Fiber and 13 g Protein.

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