❤️ Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours – What Time Does Kona Cafe Stop Serving Breakfast?

Kona Café Breakfast Hours

Kona Café Breakfast Hours: vary by location. But you can take advantage of this made-for-you guide so you’ll never miss the most important meal of the day at your favorite chain in Disney World Resort ever again.

Kona Café is an informal, cafeteria-style restaurant in Disney World Resort that offers lots of creative dishes to choose from.

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it offers the most delicious and extensive menu to foodies.

Kona Café’s Breakfast Menu is a favorite among Disney World regulars and fans. In fact, Kona Café is best known for its delicious breakfast offerings and a variety of choices.

Here you’ll find everything about Kona Café’s Breakfast Menu Prices, as well as What time does Kona Café start serving breakfast? What time does Kona Café stop serving breakfast? and Kona Café’s holiday hours.

Kona Café Breakfast Menu Hours

Below are general Kona Café Breakfast Times during which you can anything from the Kona Café breakfast menu, from wholesome egg dishes to tantalizing pancakes – 

Day Starting Hours Closing Hours
Monday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM
Tuesday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM
Wednesday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM
Thursday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM
Friday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM
Saturday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM
Sunday 07:30 AM 11:15 AM

Kona Café’s breakfast is the bomb, granted, but their lunch and dinner menu are no joke either!

For lunch, you can enjoy delicious appetizers such as Kona’s world-renowned Crab Cakes, Sticky Wings, etc One-of-a-kind entrées like the Pork Belly Noodle Bowl and the Island-Style Beef Burger.

Besides, they also offer probably Sushi at Walt Disney World.  

Top-notch desserts and all kinds of nutritious and delicious meals for kids are also available to enjoy on their menu.

For dinner, feast on a divine selection of delicacies that includes sushi rolls, poke bowls, and chef-recommended dishes like the Kona-braised short rib, all served amid the relaxed atmosphere of this Polynesian restaurant.

Guests 21 years of age or older can also enjoy alcoholic beverages like cocktails, beer, and wine.

Although, Sushi is not served at breakfast.

Kona Café Breakfast Hours 

Kona Café Breakfast Menu

Kona Café’s breakfast menu is mind-blowing from wholesome egg dishes to tantalizing pancakes. Here is the detailed account of the items that are available on the breakfast menu at Kona Café –


  • Tonga Toast: A French Toast stuffed with bananas and rolled in Cinnamon Sugar, served with a Strawberry Compote along with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or spiced ham.
  • Plant-based Loco Moco: A plant-based eggs and plant-based sausage with coconut milk, Pico de Gallo, and rice.
  • Two Eggs-Any Style: Served with home-fried potatoes and your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or spiced ham.
  • Macadamia Nut Pancakes: Fluffy pancakes with macadamia nut butter and pineapple sauce along with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or spiced ham.
  • French Toast
  • Ham and Cheese Omelet
  • Polynesian Egg Platter
  • Seven Seas Samoan


  • Pork Sausage, Bacon, Ham, or Spiced Ham
  • Fresh Fruit Cup (plant-based)
  • Creamy Grits with Smoked Gouda
  • Oatmeal with Apples (plant-based 

Lighter Fare 

  • Spice-Rubbed Salmon Plate
  • Tropical Fruit late

Kids’ Create-Your-Own Entrees 

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Mickey-shaped Pancakes
  • Minnie’s French Toast
  • Oatmeal and Dried Cranberries

Kids’ Create-Your-Own Selections 

  • Yogurt with Strawberries 
  • Fruit Cup
  • Bacon
  • Breakfast Potatoes
  • Sausage

Kids’ Specialty Drinks

Tinker Bell and Friends or Buzz Lightyear Punch

Specialty Beverages

  • Wasabi Bloody Mary
  • Bloody mary Flight
  • Mimosa Flight
  • Polynesian Red Eye
  • Liliko’I Mimosa

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee Hawaiian Kona Maragogype Press Pot
  • Liliko’i Juice
  • Mega Berry Smoothie

About Kona Café

Kona Café is an informal, cafeteria-style restaurant in Disney World Resort that offers lots of creative dishes to choose from.

It is located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, near Magic Kingdom Park.

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it offers the most delicious and extensive menu to foodies. The café also has an onstage sushi kitchen to delight your taste buds and your ocular senses as well.

Kona Café inspires American cuisine with an Asian flair. Its ambiance and cooking style make it a gastronomic experience worth noting.

However, their breakfast is a little different from their Asian-American lunch and dinner menu.

Kona Café’s menu features American favorites with a tropical twist, making the breakfast distinct and mouth-watering, from wholesome egg dishes to tantalizing pancakes.

The most loved items from Kona Café breakfast include cinnamon and banana-stuffed Tonga toast, macadamia-pineapple pancakes, and more.

Unluckily, Sushi is not a part of their breakfast menu.

Kona Café Customer Service

  • Disney Resort Hotel Reservations – (407) 939-1936
  • New Tickets – (407) 939-7679
  • Existing Tickets – (407) 566-4985
  • Dining Reservations – disneyworld.com


I hope via this article you have got all the necessary information about Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu Times, Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu and Prices, hours on regular days, and other additional details.

However, Kona Cafe doesn’t share any breakfast-related details on their official site. But you can easily visit them during their breakfast time to grab a variety of delicious breakfasts from their menu.

Hence stay tuned with us to get more stuff like this via our official site breakfasthours.info. Also, you are free to send your comment or suggestions too.

How late does Kona Café serve breakfast?

Kona Café serve breakfast till 11:15 in the

Is Kona Café breakfast quick service?

Kona Café is a 1-credit table service restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan for breakfast, and it also accepts the Tables in Wonderland card for a 20% discount. It's an open-air restaurant that in the open-air atrium of the Great Ceremonial House at the Polynesian.

Do you need reservations for Kona Café?

Reservations for Kona Café are highly recommended and available to book 60 days in advance. If you aren't able to secure a reservation prior to your arrival, you can try your luck at the new walk up waitlist option that Disney recently implemented.

Is Tonga Toast served all day?

Yep, it's Tonga Toast we're after, but the full breakfast menu is available from 6:30 – 11:00 am.

Where is Kona Café in Disney?

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Contemporary, open and lively, the Kona Café is tucked away in a corner of the second floor of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

How many calories are in a tonga toast?

tonga toast contains 410.11 Kcal Per 1 Serving

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