Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game to win over $200,000,000

Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game

PlayMonopoly US Monopoly Game: Play Monopoly at In Albertsons, you can play Monopoly and have a chance to win great prizes.

The last 9 years have been the same. Over the course of the season, Albertsons’ Monopoly Series and Win the Game will give away more than $200,000.

It’s almost twice as much as the year before. What’s holding you back? Get going right away.

Prizes for the whole contest include cash prizes of $1,000,000, vacation packages, home decor, expensive vehicles, and family trips that cost $1,000,000 each.


Are you interested in playing Monopoly with Albertson? If you answered yes, go to, enter the contest, and you could win $200,000,000 and other prizes.

Rules for the Play monopoly Sweepstakes

People who want to enter the sweepstakes need to follow some strict rules. Here are the most important rules:

  • The first day you can enter the sweepstakes is January 1, 2018.
  • The value of all the prizes is more than $200,000,000.
  • At least 18 years old is the minimum age limit.
  • Albertsons is the one who is paying for the sweepstakes.
  • Each person with a valid Email Address can only send in one entry.

Play Monopoly Sweepstakes Participation Quick Guide at

We’re sure you’re very interested in learning more about the Monopoly game sweepstakes at this point, so we’ll show you how to enter the sweepstakes and win grand prizes.

The first way to enter the sweepstakes is to play a Monopoly game. To get started, go to and sign up.

You can now play the game once you have signed up on the Play Monopoly Game portal. When you’re done playing the game, just follow the steps on your screen to make sure you’ve entered the sweepstakes.

If you win the sweepstakes, you could get $200 million in cash or other prizes like makeovers, family vacations, etc.

How To Obtain Play Monopoly Game Ticket?

To play the “Collect and Win” game, you need game tickets. There are only two ways to get official entry tickets: either by paying for them or getting them for free.

Once you have the coupons, all you have to do is go to the sweepstakes website and play the game. Your high rating as a gamer will make it more likely that you will win.

The closer you get to winning, the more points you put into the game. You can also send your card to the address given and get the tickets that way.

► Ticket by Buying: Buy competing Reward ticket package products from any participating A Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Arrow, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, ACME Stores, Jewel-Osco,

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Star Markets, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Warehouse, Lucky (only in Southern California), and Super Saver store to win a free ticket to the game.

Customers can get one Game Ticket for each offering from a participating seller and one Game Ticket for each sale. You’ll get a Free Game Ticket when you buy 10 eligible items in one shopping pass.

You will only let one transaction happen every 3 hours.

► More information: Bonus general admission ticket products that are eligible to take part do not include scratch cards, alcohol, tobacco, or other goods that are against the law.

Also, shopping online won’t count toward getting game tickets or bonus season tickets.

► Free Tickets: Write your full name, including your first and last name, along with your postal address, including city, state, and zip code, on a 3×5-inch card and send it to:

MONOPOLY MON-09 Collect and Win Game Ticket Request,

Attn: Promotions Coordinator,

P.O. Box 965158, Marietta,

GA 30066.

If you enter the gaming contest, you will definitely get at least two game tickets, one for the main game and one for a bonus game.

When you get the Ticket to the Game from online game code, gently unfold it to see what’s inside: a special offer bid, an online/sweepstakes promo code, an Instant Reward

Supermarket Gift voucher, an Automatic Prize Bonus Food Promo, or two Free Game Tickets Coupon codes along with four game markers to use on the Monopoly board.

Ways to Play and Win Monopoly Sweepstakes at

► Instant discounts and prizes: If your ticket has a voucher that says “Instant Reward,” you will get the Instant Win Award.

► Monopoly Contest and Online Game – It makes sense that your game ticket should have a special online code that gives you extra online benefits. Just open a web browser, go to, and follow the official set of rules to sign up.

Don’t forget to enter the 12 unique letters and numbers. Once you sent in the key, you could check to see if you won a contest. For each file, you’ll get one entry into the MONOPOLY Sweepstakes.

► By Mailing a Coupon Code – You can send the Promotional code to find out if you won a lottery. Write your first and last name, full postal address, phone number, date of birth, and a legal signature of your full name on a 3×5-inch card and send it to the address below:

MONOPOLY Sweepstakes,

P.O. Box 441208,


GA 30160.

Note: Each mail offers only one entry.

► Collect and Win Game: Stick to the same reward area positions on the official game screen to get stickers for your ticket. Go to the part of the game board where the reward is written to get it.

Details of Prize Of The Sweepstake at

If you’ve played the game of Monopoly before. Your name will be put in the running for the prize. After the registration period ends, the organization must tell everyone who won and what they won.

172,017,713 number of Instant Win Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash $10,000 3
Grocery Gift Card $5,000 5
CASH $5,000 5
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 50
Grocery Gift Card $100 1,500
Grocery Gift Card $50 2,600
Burger King Gift Card $25 5,000
MasterCard Gift Card $25 5,000
Visa Gift Card $25 5,000
Microsoft Xbox Gift Card $25 3,000
AMC Theaters Gift Card $25 2,000
GAP Gift Card $25 2,000
JCPenney Gift Card $25 2,000
Macy’s Gift Card $25 2,000
Nike Gift Card $25 2,000
Fandango Gift Card $25 1,000
Regal Cinemas Gift Card $25 1,000
Domino’s Gift Card $20 2,000
Rouxbe Cooking School NA 14,000,000
Grocery Gift Card $10 25,000
Grocery Gift Card $5 200,000
Free Product NA 97,751,550
Two Free Game Tickets NA 60,000,000


325,338,010 numbers of Online Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash $10,000 10
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 50
Grocery Gift Card $500 200
Grocery Gift Card $200 500
Grocery Gift Card $100 1,000
Grocery Gift Card $50 5,000
Grocery Gift Card $25 31,250
Rouxbe Cooking School $24.99 1,000,000
Nickelodeon 40-pack Oliver’s labels $21.99 300,000
Nickelodeon 12-count Oliver’s labels $5 600,000
Fandango Reward Tokens NA 272,500,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Dora’s Big Buddy Race 99¢ 180,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Meet Kate! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Pablo! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Naiya! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Emma! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Alana! 99¢ 144,000
Two Free Game Tickets NA 50,000,000


1,753,271 Collect and Win Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash (30-year annuity) $1,000,000 3
Vacation Home $1,000,000 3
Cash or Luxury Car $100,000 15
Home Makeover $40,000 25
Vehicle of your choice $35,000 25
College Tuition $20,000 50
4-wheelers $10,000 50
Family Vacation $10,000 50
Cash $5,000 50
Groceries $5,000 50
Gas Grill & Groceries $1,500 100
LED HD TV $1,500 100
Cash $1,000 100
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 100
Laptop Computer $1,000 100
Smart Watch $300 600
Grocery Gift Card $500 350
Cash $200 750
Family Picnic $200 750
Cash $100 2,500
Grocery Gift Card $100 2,500
Grocery Gift Card $50 5,000
Cash $25 10,000
Grocery Gift Card $25 10,000
Gift Card Mall $25 10,000
Fandango Gift Card $25 10,000
Grocery Gift Card $15 25,000
Grocery Gift Card $10 37,000
Cash $10 37,000
Grocery Gift Card $5 800,000
Cash $5 800,000


Play Monopoly Collect & Win by Albertsons gives people a chance to win amazing prizes worth $200 Million by playing Monopoly and showing how good they are at games.

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Q. Where can I receive more information about the monopoly game?

Ans. To find out more, you can go to any of the stores that are taking part or visit the official website.

Q. Are there any computer requirements to enter the codes?

Ans. To enter the codes, your browser must have JavaScript turned on, and you need to use certain browsers like Google Chrome 72 or higher, etc.

Q. How can I earn a Monopoly game entry ticket?

Ans. You can buy an entry ticket, or you can use one of the other ways we’ve talked about in this article.

Q. Why should I take part in the Monopoly game sweepstakes?

Ans. You should enter the Monopoly game sweepstakes because you could win $200 million in cash and other fun prizes.

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