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Customor Satisfaction Survey at tescoviews.com

Tesco Survey- Tesco has an online survey called “Tesco Survey” or “Tesco Views Survey,” which you can find at www.TescoViews.com. It asks customers all kinds of questions to find out what they think.

This TESCO Customer Satisfaction Survey is a way for customers and the store to find out how they feel about the services and products.

The information gathered is used to look at the good and bad customer reviews, which are then dealt with well. The Tesco customer satisfaction survey has some simple online questionnaires about their services.

It should take 10 or 15 minutes to finish, and you’ll get 25 Clubcard Points as a reward. This will also allow you to win a £1,000 Tesco gift card.

Tesco Survey

Tesco Survey Details

Survey Name TESCO Guest satisfaction survey
Survey URL https://www.tescoviews.com/
Survey prize £1000 Gift Card
Entry methods Online and Mail
Entry Limits One/Receipt
Age Limit 16 and above

www.tescoviews.com – Tesco Survey Rewards

  • The winner will get £1000 worth of Tesco gift cards and 25 Clubcard points. You can win this prize every month if you fill out the survey.
  • Remember that you can’t give these rewards to someone else and can’t get cash instead.
  • These prizes are only for people who live in the UK, USA, or Ireland and take the Tesco customer satisfaction survey online.

Now, let’s look at what you need to do to ensure you can take the Tesco survey and what the rules are for completing the survey.

tescoviews survey- Tesco Survey Club Point

Tesco grocery stores will only give out £1,000 in gift cards to people who have taken the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey.

When a user fills out the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey, they have the chance to get 25 Clubcard Points and enter the Tesco sweepstakes for a chance to win a £1000 gift card.

Rules To Take Tesco Survey at -www.tescoviews.com

The Tesco Retailer store made the following rules about how to take the Tesco Views survey.

  • The person who does the Tesco survey should be from the UK or have a legal right to live there.
  • To take this survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Information about people will be shared.
  • Only one person can enter each month, and that person can only enter once per mailing address and email address.
  • The award can’t be traded or turned in for cash.
  • Every month, the names of the lucky Clubcard point winners are made public.
  • The person who fills out the survey can’t work for the company or be related to anyone who works there.

Requirements to take Tesco Customer Survey

  • Access is made to a computer, phone, or laptop with a strong internet connection.
  • On a valid TESCO receipt from the purchase, there is an invitation to take a survey.
  • Have enough English skills to understand questions.
  • You must be at least 18 and a legal resident of the UK.

How To Participate tescoviews Survey

► First, buy what you need at the Tesco store and keep the receipt.
► Step 2: Go to www.TescoViews.com, which is the official site.
► Type in the four-digit code that was on your receipt.

Tesco Survey step 1

► Click on the enter to Bigin the survey.

Tesco Survey step 2

► Choose the date,time, and prepose of your recent visit.

Tesco Survey step 3

► Rate how happy you are with different things, like how clean it is, how many products it has, how good the food is, how much stock it has, the staff, the environment, and the checkout.

Tesco Survey step 4

► Then, rate how you felt about the visit as a whole.

Tesco Survey step 5

► You will be prompted to sign up for the contest.

► Please read the sweepstakes details carefully and ensure you understand them.

Tesco Survey step 6

► Give your contact information to get into the sweepstakes.
► To finish the survey, click “Send.”
► You’ll soon get a message telling you that you’ve been entered into the contest.
► Now, wait for the person in charge of the sweepstakes to tell you who won.

Tesco Survey Guide Video

Get more free Reward prize


Tescoreviews.comTesco, which was started in 1909 in the UK, is the second-largest grocery store chain in the world. Now, the store has more than 6500 locations all over.

the UK, and it also sells goods in North America, 12 Asian countries, and the rest of Europe. It also sells clothing, accessories, and mobile products and has its bank, Tesco Bank.

If you shop at Tesco or have shopped there at least once, the company would like to know about your experience and how you felt after getting certain services and products from their store.

They love to hear what their customers think about how to make it better and more satisfying.

Tesco Contact information

Tesco Customer Care is the place to go if you need help.

Call 0800 505555 to talk to Customer Service.

Call 0800 323 4060 to get in touch with the technical support team.

Call 1 800 248-123 to book a Clubcard reward.

Refrence links

Tesco custmor Satisfaction Survey:- www.Tescoviews.Com.

Tesco Store Website:- www.Tesco.Com.

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Instagram:- Click here

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This article gives a lot of information about the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey. For more questions and information, you can talk to customer service or leave a comment below.

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tescoviews.com survey – FAQs


Q. How often can you do Tesco survey?

Ans. You can get 25 Clubcard points for every survey you fill out, up to 300 points a year. This means that you can fill out the survey once a month.

Ans. The grocery store is working with Fizzback, an expert in customer engagement, to let customers give feedback in-store, by SMS, email, or freephone.
All channels are free, and the system analyzes feedback immediately and sends messages to the customer service team or store managers.

Q. How can I contact Tesco?

Ans. (0) 1992 632222

Q. What are 1000 Clubcard points worth?

Ans. What are the points on a Tesco Clubcard worth? You’ll get one Clubcard point for every £1 you spend at Tesco. 100 Clubcard points are worth £1 when you use them to buy groceries in-store.

This means that each issue has a base value of 1p. And if you have 1,000 points, that’s worth ten pounds.


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